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Meet with you to understand the unique issues of your project.  This critical first step will help to ensure a successful outcome.

Help you locate a site that will fit the needs of your program.  We have strong and long-standing working relationships with many commercial real-estate brokers.

Lead you through the process and help you optimize your investment We have an in-depth understanding of material costs, what the public perceives as quality, where in the project it makes sense to spend the money, and where it makes sense to look for money-saving options.

Be in your corner when it comes to dealing with the contractor.  We will work with your legal and accounting team to help shield you from many of the horror stories you may have heard about the construction process. The architect/contractor relationship is set up by the contract structure to be somewhat adversarial but we found that we have been able to manage a project well without the constant friction normally found on a construction project. 

Help make the project a reality based on your vision.  So many projects flounder in permitting and politics due to the designer's unwillingness to compromise.  We pride ourselves in the belief that each obstacle set up by the process allows us to create a better design.

Design a building that will make you proud to say that it's yours.  That's your ultimate goal.  It's ours, as well.