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It starts with the interview process to define the overall program, including site selection and space requirements.  It's during this important step when the project requirements are revealed.


We listen very carefully to our client's needs, their desires and their budgets to create solutions that will meet program requirements and be aesthetically pleasing, as well.  We receive design style cues from our clients and the surrounding environment, as opposed to trying to impose our style onto any given project.

Construction Documents and Construction Administration 

Developing the design drawings into construction documents is a crucial step. Good documents facilitate low construction cost, ease of building and limited change orders. The change orders for our last new building, a $7 million nursing home, amounted to less than 2% of the construction cost.  This is way below industry standards.  During the construction we make field visits and manage meetings with the contractor to try and guard the owner from construction problems.

Due Diligence Studies

Review existing buildings for potential buyers before they purchase property.  This helps to protect the new owner from ending up with a building that has exiting code violations, structural defects or in need of major repairs.  We make a field review of the building and create a detailed report of the conditions that have an impact on new maintenance accounts or reserve replacement accounts.  Some of the properties located in Boston that we have reviewed for our clients include: 60 State Street, 1381 Commonwealth Ave and 70 Brighton Ave.